Vegetarian or not, home lunch needs lots of help. It’s so easy to get into a routine—which can be the death of healthy eating. Your taste buds get bored, lunch isn’t satisfying, and then you walk past the candy machine…

Alyssa is here to help!

She has spent years making lunches for her clients and has selected some simple and tasty lunch recipes that you can mix into your repertoire.

We’ll be making a chickpea “mock tuna” salad sandwich, an eggless “egg” salad (tofu) sandwich, a soba noodle stir-fried bento with creamy cashew sauce and cucumber ume pickle, and finally, a versatile tahini-carrot-olive spread that goes good on everything.

When: 8am-12pm  Saturday, February 13th 2016

Where: Kapiolani Community College

Course Fee: $86

To enroll call: 868-734-9211